Boyd’s Guitar Warehouse

Posted: November 22, 2009 in Boyd's Guitar Warehouse Store
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Welcome to Boyd’s Guitar Warehouse, the one stop electric guitar parts shop.  We are an eBay Store that focuses only on selling quality used electric guitar parts and the lowest prices.  Selling guitars, guitar parts for replacement or upgrade, effects pedals and pro audio.

We started our business November of 2008 as a part time business.  After seeing the high interest of people  upgrading and building custom electric guitars we started talking about running our business full time and quit our jobs.  Within a week after my wife and I had that discussion I was laid off from my mechanical engineer job without any severence package.  So we decided to go full time into our Ebay business and thought this was our best choice.  This is when we launched our Ebay Store Boyd’s Guitar Warehouse end of January 2009.

Since our decision we have been able to grow the business into a 6000 sq ft warehouse with 5 employees.

Thank You,
Brandon Boyd
Boyd’s Guitar Warehouse


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